About HomeRefurbers.com

If you tend to a garden or just enjoy sitting in the backyard enjoying the environment then HomeRefurbers is the online place for you to be!

HomeRefurbers is a free place for tenders of the garden to showcase their garden environments.

Why Become A HomeRefurber?

  • you can share your projects and experiences with others
  • you get your own, free HomeRefurbers website and can share your showcase with family, friends, and other garden tenders [http://homerefurbers.com/members/yournamehere]
  • you get unlimited, free space for blogging, questions and comments, and project sharing
  • you can organize your projects and blogs with “tags” and the “blog series” option
  • with each project posting you will have free space to post up to three pictures (for each project) and ample room to tell your project’s story. There is no limit to the number of projects you can post
  • you receive a monthly e-magazine, free
  • you can enter the HomeRefurbers Challenges and Awards events which are held throughout the year
  • you can participate in the camaraderie shared by the wonderful members of our HomeRefurbers community

How Do I Become a HomeRefurber?

All you have to do is sign up and begin posting your projects, blogs, and/or questions and comments in our forum area. It’s that simple. ... and it’s free.

And if you have any ideas, suggestions and comments, please send an email to: . We’d love to hear from you!

Our Features At Glance

  • Blogs - an ongoing journal of your experience
  • Blog Series - connecting related blog entries for continued storylines
  • Buddies - designate other Members as Buddies and receive notification of their postings via email
  • eMag - a monthly online magazine available for members to read and share
  • Favorites - mark projects and blog entries as a "Favorite" for easy reference
  • Forums - a variety of discussions, from questions, to site suggestions, to off-topic discussions
  • Help - have a question about how HomeRefurbers.com works? Check out the Help Files
  • Members - a list of all HomeRefurbers
  • Messages - send/receive private messages to other HomeRefurbers
  • Online - see which HomeRefurbers are currently online
  • Projects - sharing projects with others by story and photo album
  • Pulse - keep up to date by viewing recent postings
  • Search - let's you do a specific search for something on the HomeRefurbers site
  • Shop - post pictures and descriptions of your shop and your tools
  • Shuffle - check out projects from the past with this random search option
  • Spread - "Spread the Word" using the tools provided
  • Tags - labels added to topics to help others find related information
  • Videos - view "Vlogging" entries created by fellow HomeRefurbers

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