HomeRefurbers rules

We’re committed to making HomeRefurbers.com a hassle-free experience. There are very few “rules,” but please read them carefully so you can take full advantage of site features.


  1. You must be a member to post your own projects and comments and participate in HomeRefurbers events.
  2. Membership is free and open to everyone of all ages and abilities.

Posting on the HR Site

  1. You may post:
    • unlimited projects
    • unlimited blogs (and blog series)
    • unlimited questions and discussions in the forums
    • unlimited comments to all projects/blogs/discussions
  2. You are responsible for copyright issues. Do not upload photos that are not yours.
  3. When posting a project you must attach at least one (and up to three) of your own pictures in the project’s photo gallery.
  4. When posting a project you must provide a description/story as these are the heart of HomeRefurbers.com. Feel free to write about your inspiration, challenges, timeline, tools, tips, tricks and other topics�virtually anything that gives other Members a feeling for what you’ve created.
  5. You may organize your projects and blogs using the “Tag” tool as well as the Blog Series option. Check out the “Tags” to find descriptions already used or add your own. (Sample “Tag” items: type of project, wood used, finishing method, tool used)
  6. You may post unlimited comments to projects, blogs, and forum discussions.
  7. You may embed your own photos in your blogs and comments. Embedded photos must be your own and must be stored elsewhere online. (Remember that copyright issues are your responsibility.)
  8. Have Fun!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all views and comments posted by members are not necessarily those of HomeRefurbers.com or of those working on the site. (Note: Any inappropriate postings will be responded to with a warning and possibly cancellation of membership if warranted.)

HomeRefurbers Challenges and Awards Events

  1. Throughout the year there are several Challenges and Awards events for you to enter.
  2. To participate in a Challenge or Awards event you must be a member of HomeRefurbers.com.
  3. Each Challenge and Awards will have its own rules and will be posted on the site.
  4. Winners of prizes will be required to provide a mailing address in a private email.

Other HomeRefurbers.com Features:

  • Help: have a question about how HomeRefurbers.com works? Check out the Help Files
  • Online: see which Tenders are currently online
  • Pulse: keep up to date by viewing recent postings
  • Shuffle: check out projects from the past with this random search option
  • Search: let's you do a specific search for something on the HomeRefurbers site
  • Shop: post pictures and descriptions of your shop and your tools
  • Buddies: designate other Tenders as Buddies and receive notification of their postings via email
  • Favorites: mark projects and blog entries as a "Favorite" for easy reference
  • Messages: send/receive private messages to other HomeRefurbers
  • Videos: view "Vlogging" entries created by fellow HomeRefurbers
  • Forums: a variety of discussions, from questions, to site suggestions, to off-topic discussions
  • Tags: labels added to topics to help others find related information
  • Members: a list of all HomeRefurbers
  • eMag: a monthly online magazine available for members to read and share
  • Spread: "Spread the Word" using the tools provided.

DISCLAIMER: All views and comments posted by members are not necessarily those of HomeRefurbers.com or of those working on the site.

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