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Here’s your chance to showcase your latest projects while competing for prizes. The rules are simple and, like everything else at LumberJocks, there’s no fee to enter.

The best part of this competition? There will be no designated jury of experts. You and your fellow LumberJocks will cast the votes. This creates a truly democratic voting process from our exceptional community.

Decked Out In Comfort

  • Whether your outdoor space is a balcony, terrace, patio or deck, turning it into "your space" is part of the pleasure! Show us how you have renovated your deck (whatever that is for you) and how you have made it your own personal retreat. We want to see creativity, comfort, and skill, all rolled into one, in this first-ever Awards event for our HomeRefurbers site.


1st Place Winner

  • $50 Amazon gift certificate donated by HomeRefurbers.com
  • HomeRefurbers T-Shirt donated by HomeRefurbers.com

2nd Place Winner

  • HomeRefurbers T-Shirt donated by HomeRefurbers.com

Official Rules

  1. You may enter one project per category and you may enter the same project into multiple categories.
  2. By entering, you verify that your entry is your own creation (Note: GT.com is NOT responsible for monitoring authenticity).
  3. Entry opens on July 1, 2008 at 6 AM CDT and ends on July 31, 2008 at 3 PM CDT.
  4. Voting opens on August 1, 2008 at 6 AM CDT and ends on August 7, 2008 at 3 PM CDT.
  5. Each vote must list top five entries per category in order. You cannot vote for your own entry. (Note: When you sign in to vote, you will not see your own entry listed.)
  6. You are allowed to vote only if you have at least one project listed on the HomeRefurbers.com.
  7. You can vote only once.
  8. Top refurbers will be those with the highest point scores following the voting system. (See point system below.)
  9. Award recipients will be required to provide their mailing address in order to receive their Award gifts.
  10. Results will be announced on August 8, 2008 at 6 AM CDT.

Point System

  1. Points will be assigned to each vote cast with the following values:
    • 1st place: 5 points
    • 2nd place: 4 points
    • 3rd place: 3 points
    • 4th place: 2 points
    • 5th place: 1 point
  2. The Winner will be the member with the entry with the highest points.
  3. In case of a tie, the top honors will be given to the member with the most 1st place votes and if there is still a tie, the highest number of 2nd place will be the determining factor, and so on.

HomeRefurbers.com reserves the right to amend the rules at any time in case unanticipated circumstances arise.
HomeRefurbers.com is not responsible for authenticity of entries and/or voting outcome.

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