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DIY that adds Value to your Property #2: DIY in the Kitchen to add a touch of Value

04-24-2015 10:56 AM by Katies_DIY_Blog | 134 comments »

In the second part of this blog, instead of just thinking about the house as whole, I thought I’d focus more on just the kitchen in which adding a touch of DIY could increase the value of your home. Using a fair bit of my real estate experience, my slow but steady gaining of DIY experience/knowledge and an article I found online here at TheMoveChannel, I thought I’d write this short piece to carry on with the series! Now no one is expecting you to have a PHD in electronics here and create ...

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DIY that adds Value to your Property #1: DIY adds more value you think

04-22-2015 06:20 PM by Katies_DIY_Blog | 94 comments »

I’m relatively new to this whole blogging thing so please bear with me if this article isn’t quite up to Shakespearean standard just yet! This is my first blog post so I thought I’d make it about something that’s been interesting me as of late. Firstly, my main job is a real estate agent. So I guess you can say my main job is slightly boring! However, the last 3-4 years of so I’ve actually started taking up small DIY jobs in and around the house. My boyfriend has never been very good with thi...

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On The Workbench #1: Heated Handgrips for a Snowblower

02-24-2015 04:01 PM by ontheworkbench | 17 comments »

When I bought my snow blower, I only wanted one wide enough to fit through the side door on my garage, so I settled for a 26” wide unit. When looking across various models, I noticed that several premium (and larger) models had heated hand grips. After two winters with my snow blower, I thought it would be time to try to upgrade my basic rubber hand grips to heated one. I made a couple of videos on it, the first one shown how I did it for my MTD manufactured Troy-Bilt, and a second one...

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What was I thinking. :)

01-09-2015 05:33 PM by ThinkTwice | 11 comments »

Greeting everyone. :) Thought we would share with you a journey we had started a few years back but still in the process today of renovating an old barn into a place to live. Setting the stage:In 2002 we lived in a small town in Michigan, I have never liked living in town; growing up on a farm in Wisconsin. We have 3 children, Jeffery, Tori and Chelsea. The oldest, Jeffery was 13 with not a lot of options started hanging around with lets just say less than ideal friends, Drugs and alcoh...

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Bathroom Remodel #6: Practicing for the shower doors

01-03-2015 08:03 PM by Dan Lyke | 69 comments »

So with the expanded window, we needed to obscure some of the glass. I thought “Oh, let’s go to Michael’s, get some stencils and etching acid, and put some patterns on it”. Charlene heard that and thought “Let’s put pictures of my favorite childhood camping spot on all the available glass”. Including the $700 shower doors. So now we’re practicing. A lot. Started with the Harbor Freight “air eraser”, which is ...

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Bathroom Remodel #5: Toilet Paper Holder

01-02-2015 07:46 PM by Dan Lyke | 80 comments »

A little side project along the way: Still need to clean up the wall of the niche where it goes before I glue it into place…

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Bathroom Remodel #4: Complexly Marble-ous!

01-02-2015 07:33 PM by Dan Lyke | 27 comments »

Cut a board to protect the tub, put a rim of FortiFlash around the bottom of the board to protect the tub, and then applied Hardiebacker™ around the tub: Mortared the Hardiebacker™ seams: And then started with coats and coats of Red Guard. This was after the first coat applied, but as we did more and more coat and got to the approved thickness (which we were supposed to be able to get in two coats(!)), I started googling around and discovered that other people...

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Bathroom Remodel #3: Rub a dub dub

01-02-2015 07:14 PM by Dan Lyke | 24 comments »

Among the amusements of having the wall around the tub out, this instance where someone missed the stud for an entire row up the button board. I have done this once or twice, but never for the whole damned row, and especially never where I was driving the entire row by hand (I’m pretty sure they didn’t have button-board/drywall nail guns back in 1947…): Insulation and blocking for the new tub was installed: And… when we first ordered the tub, we thought t...

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Ghost Doorbell Ringing Problem...

01-01-2015 03:00 PM by Mark | 16 comments »

Hi All - Attached is a video I made a couple of days ago showing my fun with a little doorbell project – we literally had the doorbell ringing every few days at dinnertime for no obvious reason. It was kind of funny in hindsight, really, as we all were starting to develop sort-of an anti-Pavlovian response: we were all starting to ignore the doorbell! (And occasionally, there were real people out there who would be like… “Didn’t you hear me ringing?”) In...

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Bathroom Remodel #2: Demolition!

12-30-2014 11:41 PM by Dan Lyke | 16 comments »

After much deliberation over tile, and patterns, and tubs, and what all else, we took a deep breath and started drawing on the wall with a Sharpie. Because, really, what else are you gonna do? You can see the paneling that was there beforehand. So we began: And with much violence, the lath and plaster around the tub (the rest of the house is button board and plaster) gave way, and I only swung the axe too far and caused us to have to patch the wall on the other side once: ...

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