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Building the Arch Top Bookshelf

06-16-2018 05:30 PM by BenhamDesign | 192 comments »

This bookshelf was built using walnut to follow the existing architecture of the home and to spruce up the curved drywall corners that where previously installed as the ache. The interior designer of the project had the alcove of the bookshelf faux painted with a metallic paint to reflect light. then had an electrician come in and backlit the walnut trim to make the bookshelf glow. If you are interested in how it was built please watch the video Video Recap When I went to the cli...

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DIY that adds Value to your Property #2: DIY in the Kitchen to add a touch of Value

04-24-2015 10:56 AM by Katies_DIY_Blog | 166 comments »

In the second part of this blog, instead of just thinking about the house as whole, I thought I’d focus more on just the kitchen in which adding a touch of DIY could increase the value of your home. Using a fair bit of my real estate experience, my slow but steady gaining of DIY experience/knowledge and an article I found online here at TheMoveChannel, I thought I’d write this short piece to carry on with the series! Now no one is expecting you to have a PHD in electronics here and create ...

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Wood Reclamation – A Dangerous Job

09-30-2014 10:47 AM by ReubenD | 73 comments »

I love the look of authentic wood crafted many years in the past. Roughhewn timbers, old barn boards, inch thick hardwood flooring, and the exquisite carved mantle places and cabinetry all hand crafted many decades before. Some of the most beautiful wood I have ever seen was reclaimed wood from a farmhouse built in the 1850’s. It is not just the dimensions and sturdiness of this wood which would be easy to mimic. There is no way to truly replicate the color and perfect imperfections from bein...

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Thankless Home Maintenance Tasks or Just Blowing Air

08-19-2014 03:51 PM by ReubenD | 70 comments »

I like to think of myself as fairly competent with a hammer and a few power tools. Between the learning of necessity when much younger where tight budgets meant if I could not do a home project myself we did not get it done as a young family to these days when it has become something between a hobby and obsession to do my own home projects, I would rate my skills as above average. Sadly, my wife would be quick to point out that motivation and procrastination are areas I still need some im...

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An interesting Project – Sash Windows

11-04-2014 05:03 PM by ReubenD | 68 comments »

I just completed a project doing some restoration work on beautiful old home in our area. The building has been designated a historical landmark, so some of the work was a lot different than what I am used to doing. The idea of all the work was to keep it true to original architecture to the greatest extent possible. You do not realize how much some of the things that have changed until you try a project like this. The most interesting part of the entire job was getting the windows turned ...

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Our Home

11-21-2012 06:30 PM by reedwood | 64 comments »

.. I think I know about what my house is worth but how can you put a value on a home full of memories of children growing up, pets that come and go too quickly and time spent with the ones you love? So many memories of working on a house to make it a home that reflects our personality and taste in art and beauty. My wife, Lynn and I have lived here since 1990. We looked for six months before we found this little diamond in the rough. It wasn’t much to look at back then, but as a ...

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Building a Custom Staircase and Handrail

05-06-2018 06:28 PM by BenhamDesign | 63 comments »

This custom staircase and handrail is made from Hickory and stained to go with the wood flooring that was installed at the top of the stairs. The Craftsman style design was derived from some of the architecture in the house. you can watch it be fabricated or read about it below Recount of the video Today, I’m building a staircase with a custom handrail.But before we get to the build, let me get you up to speed about what needed to be done on the jobsite before we could install the st...

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An Upholstery Primer #2: Prep the furniture

10-29-2012 03:39 AM by MarkTheFiddler | 60 comments »

I’m sorry for having so little information in this post from the onset. As I need to do certain things that I consider pred – I’ll add them to this blog. Some with video – some with photos. In the meantime – I’ll start with 2 preps.

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A New Year’s Resolution for Better Home Projects Next Year

12-15-2014 08:45 AM by ReubenD | 57 comments »

I was greeted by well over a foot of fresh new snow when I got up this morning. Far more than the changing of dates on the calendar, this made it clear that outdoor projects are now officially on hold until spring. It actually brought a small sense of relief that the “to-do” list has been decimated by the constraints of Mother Nature for the foreseeable future. Sitting and looking at the snow, I was left to ponder the projects of last summer and fall as well as to consider what new projects I...

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Building a Custom Trapezoid door for a built in bookshelf

06-09-2018 05:21 PM by BenhamDesign | 50 comments »

This project started out being a built in bookshelf, but the client decided to move the bookshelf out away from the wall to create a small room behind it to be used as a meditation and message area when taking a break from work. If you are interested in how it was built feel free to read about it or watch the video As with most every project, I started out rough cutting the parts to the general size, usually just a little bigger than needed so I can let the wood move before milling and...

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