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My Blogs #2: 3 Energy Saving Tips for the Frugal Homeowner

12-26-2013 05:03 AM by Michele Duchet | 3 comments »

Many people dread the time of the month that their power bill arrives. The power company always seems to charge too much for too little. Usually, people respond by turning off the air conditioner or the heater. They don’t often realize that it’s easy to cut down on your power bills without cutting down on your comfort. Often, lopping a huge chunk off your utility bills requires nothing more than to be alert to possible sources of waste. Being alert in the summer• Awnings used to be ...

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My Blogs #1: 5 Things You May Be Surprised to Learn about LED Lightbulbs

12-23-2013 05:32 AM by Michele Duchet | 22 comments »

LED lights have really taken off in the last couple decades, with these little devices lighting millions of homes across the US. While many people are familiar with LEDs, they are still largely unaware of just how these lights work or how much better they are than incandescent light bulbs. For most people, LEDs are little more than a replacement for their traditional incandescent bulbs, but it would be a mistake to think that that’s all LEDs offer. In fact, LEDs have a number of features that...

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Wet Cellars: Cause and Solutions

01-03-2013 05:54 PM by CyFree | 2 comments »

Where Cellars Get Wet Cellars can get wet through absolutely any point, including doors, window joints, floor joints, cracks, and around pipes. Water has the tenacious ability to get in anywhere. The absolute key to removing water from the cellar is finding out where it is leaking from and addressing the problem. Often this is hard to find by the naked eye. In addition, it may be coming from multiple points. A professional waterproofing contractor can identify the source of the leakage ...

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My first Wood Shop - 1974

11-21-2012 06:40 PM by reedwood | 12 comments »

. . Growing up in the hill country of Austin Texas, I was the oldest of five kids. I had two sisters, two little brothers, and my dog, Fred. By the time I was 15 years old, I remember how important personal space was to me. So, I decided to tear down the old chicken shack behind our house in the country and build a woodshop, mostly out of scrap wood. It wasn’t that big; maybe 10×16 with a storage shed off the back. . .The best part was the 10×10 second floor lo...

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Distractions can be painful

11-21-2012 06:37 PM by reedwood | 12 comments »

After 36 years of woodworking and some major remodeling, I can be proud of my lack of injuries more severe than a nasty oak splinter under the finger nail or pinning my finger to a door jam with a 18 ga. nail gun. I have always strived to be safe and totally focused on what I’m wearing, where my hands are and using repetitive safety methods on every power tool. I show my hands all the time to my guys as an example. See? No scars, ten fingers, safety first. We all watched out for ...

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The Tool Shed

11-21-2012 06:33 PM by reedwood | 10 comments »

August 2010 – A day to remember…..or maybe, to forget. About 14 years ago, I built this 12×12 tool shed off the back of my shop. Money was pretty tight back then so I made good use out of recycled siding and some old doors from a previous remodeling project. I wanted to pour a concrete slab but it just wasn’t in the budget. So instead, I built the floor out of treated 4×4s and 3/4 plywood sitting on concrete pads and gravel. This worked just fine for awhile but eventually it ...

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Our Home

11-21-2012 06:30 PM by reedwood | 9 comments »

.. I think I know about what my house is worth but how can you put a value on a home full of memories of children growing up, pets that come and go too quickly and time spent with the ones you love? So many memories of working on a house to make it a home that reflects our personality and taste in art and beauty. My wife, Lynn and I have lived here since 1990. We looked for six months before we found this little diamond in the rough. It wasn’t much to look at back then, but as a ...

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Hunter's Money Pit

11-21-2012 06:27 PM by reedwood | 9 comments »

Summer of 1995, Lake Forest IL. As a young remodeler with a crew of 4 carpenters, I was really excited to get this job. It was a massive 1940’s Cape Cod style house with big plans for a covered porch off the back of the kitchen and a simple addition to be used as a mud room with cabinets, lockers, and a 4 ft. bench for the 4 growing boys and all of their stuff like hockey equipment, skate boards, school back packs, coats and boots…you name it. The clients also wanted to add a...

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An Upholstery Primer #2: Prep the furniture

10-29-2012 03:39 AM by MarkTheFiddler | 5 comments »

I’m sorry for having so little information in this post from the onset. As I need to do certain things that I consider pred – I’ll add them to this blog. Some with video – some with photos. In the meantime – I’ll start with 2 preps.

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Home Safety Tips for Seniors

09-07-2012 09:51 PM by Mike Blank, CGR CAPS | 1 comment »

*You should consider having a professional install/perform these Long Term Considerations. Bathroom Free/Low-Cost Home Improvements1. Set the hot-water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce energy costs and prevent scalding.2. Mark cold and hot faucets clearly.3. Leave a light on in your bathroom at night.4. Use a rubber-suction bath mat or anti-slip floor strips or decals in the tub or shower.5. Increase contrast: Avoid low contrasting items. Adding contrast is as simple as a blue ...

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