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Stamped Concrete #4: Commercial

02-19-2019 07:38 PM by ConcreteLady | 1 comment »

Obviously it is very impressive when you go to someones home and they have a stamped concrete driveway, or a decorative concrete patio out back. But out in the world, seeing a stamped concrete walkway at your favorite restaurant, or stamped concrete floors inside your favorite store, or maybe even stepping onto a decorative floor in a place you’re visiting for the first time, just says to me that they really care about presentation, and making a good first impression on people is impor...

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Stamped Concrete #3: Pool Deck

02-18-2019 05:47 PM by ConcreteLady | 0 comments »

Now of alllll the places you might see stamped concrete. Around an in-ground pool, is one of the best! Not only do you have a SWIMMING POOL…..(which is so much fun all by itself) but you took the extra step and made sure that the deck around the pool would set it off! And it sure does. The pattern options are so endless that when you put in a new pool or update your current pool, you can pretty much theme the pool area how ever you want. A stamped concrete pool deck can also be tex...

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Stamped Concrete #2: Patio

02-18-2019 04:49 PM by ConcreteLady | 0 comments »

A stamped concrete patio seems so much more practical than a stamped driveway in my opinion. Especially if the patio is an extension of your home. It can make your outdoor space feel so cozy and comfortable. All I can think of for a super cute and cozy patio is, walking out my basement door onto a gorgeous stamped concrete pad, with like 4-6 outdoor patio chairs, covered with big cushy pillows, and a cozy blanket or two. Then over on the side, or maybe even right in the middle is a built ...

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Stamped Concrete #1: Driveway

02-18-2019 04:16 PM by ConcreteLady | 0 comments »

Driveway options are endless. You start with where you want how wide you want it, and how far around the side of the garage it will go, along with the walkways and sidewalks that will be attached to it. And then you take it to the next level by trying to decide it you want there to be any texture, color or stamping. After you decide if you want any additional looks, then there are the endless options of what color, what stamping, or if you even want any of that at all. It’s sort of ...

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Indoor Concrete #3: Pole Barn Floor

02-15-2019 11:37 PM by ConcreteLady | 0 comments »

The pole barn floor is weirdly my favorite kind of indoor concrete. There is just something about hanging out in a really big pole barn that gives you that warm cozy inside, but still enjoying outside feel. And the floor doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You don’t need some crazy stamped concrete pattern, but just a nice white brushed concrete finish to make the pole barn all it needs to be. With all the different kinds of equipment that you can park on that slab, its always ...

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Indoor Concrete #2: Garage Floor

02-08-2019 07:31 PM by ConcreteLady | 6 comments »

Okay so, I was a little torn on if this post should be considered “indoor concrete” but…considering it is an extension of my house and has a roof over it, I’ll go with it. Of course I’m talking about the concrete garage floor. So, here’s the thing with the concrete in the garage…there is no traction what-so-ever. It is scary basically all winter long, and pretty much through the spring, and I guess anytime there is any weather. Or spills for that ...

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Indoor Concrete #1: Concrete Basement Floor

02-06-2019 09:56 PM by ConcreteLady | 2 comments »

It’s been about 6 years or so since we painted our basement floor. We used a dark brown color as to attempt to hide any of the spills or footprint tracks and all the other things that happen in life when you have two dogs, two kids, and a very large basement bar. Since then there has been plenty of traffic and plenty of changes. We’ve added some carpet over top of it, moved countless pieces of furniture, and of course, have played and played and played on it. I guess you could...

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Sunroom #2: Slow progress...

09-22-2014 05:09 PM by Becky | 2 comments »

so I’ve managed to complete all of the painting in this room. The old light fixture has been removed, and is waiting on the new one to go up and in. I bought a moisture meter the other day to give myself some peace of mind before installing the laminate flooring over it….turns out I may have opened a can of worms. I got readings anywhere from an acceptible 2% all the way up to 15% all on the surface or in divots I haven’t filled in. I believe I will still drill some smal...

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Marching orders are in #1: Fireplace surround and mantel.

11-29-2012 11:58 PM by sandhill | 17 comments »

My better half is out buying paint for our living room plus some other goodies. We have been in this house for a year now and although it was painted when we moved in we can not live with the color “which is in every room including the bathrooms”. I have no idea which color she is picking out, ah maybe a little idea and the operative words are “that’s a great color honey”. So here is what I am starting with. This first picture shows a 2” X 6” velcroed...

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The Tool Shed

11-21-2012 06:33 PM by reedwood | 4 comments »

August 2010 – A day to remember…..or maybe, to forget. About 14 years ago, I built this 12×12 tool shed off the back of my shop. Money was pretty tight back then so I made good use out of recycled siding and some old doors from a previous remodeling project. I wanted to pour a concrete slab but it just wasn’t in the budget. So instead, I built the floor out of treated 4×4s and 3/4 plywood sitting on concrete pads and gravel. This worked just fine for awhile but eventually it ...

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