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Rewiring #3: Finished and Signed Off!

11-20-2014 12:35 AM by Dan Lyke | 9 comments »

Got the final inspection today! Woot! Not a whole lot to add to the previous update, but got the final inspection on the electrical today. Finally. And having sufficient sockets is amazing. The power strip quotient in the house has gone way way down. New LED lights in various places, with dimmers that work for them. It’s all pretty darned amazing. Lessons: Really, once we got the procedure down, running new sockets was pretty easy. A long extension on a hex drive augur bit...

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Rewiring #2: Drillin', Cuttin' & Dust Everywhere

07-30-2014 05:54 PM by Dan Lyke | 19 comments »

So: Template, made of two pieces of ¾” plywood: One has squares cut out for the two sizes of boxes (1 gang and 2 gang), one holds it the appropriate distance off the floor, and is on the outside so that it goes over baseboards. Run around the house, measuring to where we think we’ll miss a stud. Draw the appropriate box on the wall. Bash a hole in the middle of it with a big screwdriver. Take the Sawzall™ with the diamond edged masonry blade, carefully cut out a ho...

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Rewiring #1: Subpanel blues

07-21-2014 08:17 PM by Dan Lyke | 58 comments »

When we moved in, I looked at the wiring in the crawlspace, saw the ancient non-metallic sheathed cable downstairs, didn’t get huge warnings from the home inspector, and thought we were all groovy, if a little out-dated. The house was on a 60 amp fuse box, so we paid someone to put in a few utility circuits in the garage and deal with PG&E to put in a 200 amp breaker panel. He used the old fuse box as a junction box, ran some THHN through some conduit for each of the initial 3 ci...

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hard wiring a light to an outlet #1: 1. Research for an electrical project I'd like to attempt - is it possible?

11-17-2013 01:47 AM by Becky | 33 comments »

Got a bit of flak for posting over in LJ so I thought my better bet may be here :) I wanted to document this process in case well – in case I ever need to refer back to it or maybe someone has the same dilemma’s I do about this process? My workshop is in half of my two car garage and I want to install a four bulb florescent fixture to get as much light as possible since with winter I will be working with the garage door closed :) I was able to pick up a commercial/residential...

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Home Automation #1: Smart Home Musings

01-14-2013 07:38 PM by Dan Lyke | 36 comments »

Over this Christmas break, Charlene said “why don’t we start replacing the knob and tube with those two lights”. We did, and then started on the next light, and in the process of tearing that apart at midnight I said “screw it, I’m taking tomorrow off and we’re going to re-do all the lights”. So we did: removed all vestiges of knob and tube and replaced it with modern wiring, Romex, a little bit of THHN in conduit for the exposed parts; replaced li...

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A Shop for Dan #10: Starting to move in!

01-16-2012 08:53 PM by Dan Lyke | 4 comments »

Back on January 2nd, Jake came over to help me run wallboard screws. Then he got bored with wallboard screws and ran a few lag screws. Then he got bored with that and played with other stuff, but I think he had fun and I made some progress: Then I dug the electrical trench and ran #4 wire from the house panel,encased in schedule 80 PVC conduit, to the shop panel. It was atremendously cool feeling to flick the switch and see the shop comealive. > Then my Dad came to visit, and w...

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A Shop for Dan #9: I have the power!

01-11-2012 03:51 AM by Dan Lyke | 1 comment »

Just gotta post this! My shop, with the lights on powered by the breakers through the panels: And the trench which contains the conduit and #4 wire that feeds it: Electrical and drywall inspections, and the installation of the heat pump, tomorrow.

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Garage Conversion #4: Walling Off

12-09-2008 08:36 PM by Olaf Gradin | 3 comments »

As of Sunday night, the separating wall is nearing completion. Since our little girl was born, I’ve framed the wall (with the exception of a four foot section where the door will go), run my electrical, and insulated most of the new wall. The framing went without headache. I built a simple jig that allowed me to compress-fit a board onto the top sill while I screwed in the studs. Yes, I used screws exclusively for this project per the recommendation of retired, professional framer...

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