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Room Divider with Panache

08-12-2014 03:38 PM by ReubenD | 45 comments »

That was the detailed description I was given for what my wife wanted to fill in part of the open space between the dining room and family room. With that extraordinary amount of detail, that it should have “panache” I set about planning and searching. While I was happy with the retro 70’s look idea of beaded curtains my daughter had or even the swinging saloon doors my son recommended, neither seemed to have the correct amount of something that my wife seemed to be looking for. Searching the...

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Apples to Apples? How to compare multiple Remodeling Proposals

08-22-2012 08:34 PM by Mike Blank, CGR CAPS | 18 comments »

Most Importantly… Do You Trust This Person? When it comes down to it, the most important thing to check is your own instincts. How do you feel about this contractor working on what is probably your single largest investment – your home? Do you trust this person inside your home and around your children? Can you communicate well with this person about the project? Are they ‘in tune’ to your needs? Are they an expert and experienced in the type of project you are envisioning? Don’t throw awa...

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Am I Really going to do that to my fireplace!? #1: Some Materials gathered and I'm dying to start!

08-11-2012 03:58 AM by MarkTheFiddler | 54 comments »

Once again, I have totally lost my mind. Demo is not done. I haven’t built a scaffold. I don’t have the fireplace stone veener. I haven’t bought my wood floor for the living room. The hallway is not complete. There are a bazillion reasons why I shouldn’t start and yet….. I’ve got to take a few breaths and delay for a while while I think about execution and the layout of what I’m thinking. The more days I can do that, the better off I will be. If I ...

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The Son's Room.

07-31-2012 08:28 PM by MarkTheFiddler | 37 comments »

My son has one year of high school left. I have changed my plans for doing the house so we can get his room next. Years ago I painted a mural on 2 of his walls. The wall paint we keep. I need to touch up the base color here and there but painting will not be a major chore. Another minor chore will be to get the wobble out of his ceiling fan. It’s a nice looking, brushed nickel, Hunter fan so we are keeping it. It’s about 5 year old but I still see similar stuff in the box st...

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Solar Installation

06-03-2010 03:35 PM by ninefingersgrapes | 4 comments »

Now having a BP 10Kw solar array installed in back yard. I will NO longer be paying PECO 15.8 cents a KWhr, they will be paying me for my excess energy. Also thinking about wind too.Two inverters for the two banks of solar installed on my East wall. Array will be 130 ft long and stand 6 feet off the ground at its lowest level (SW-corner). Home Depot is the contracting agency for the BP array. PA state is giving a 30 rebate on the installation.

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Drawing my dream house plans #1: New House Project!

08-18-2009 12:51 AM by Beginningwoodworker | 8 comments »

I am drawing a set a of blueprints for my first house its going to have three bedroom, two bath, two car carport, small workshop, and a porch.

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A Shop for Dan #4: Engineering a wall

08-15-2009 05:48 PM by Dan Lyke | 0 comments »

Any wall within 5 feet of a property line needs to be 1 hour rated. With a living roof, each end of the rafter will be supporting a thousand lbs. Furthermore, I live in earthquake country. Building a wall isn’t a trivial matter of slapping up some 2×4s and calling it done. I’ve looked around for information on AAC and SIPs and those foam concrete forms, and even asked some people about information on them, and it sure seems like we’re coming back to stick-built for p...

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A Shop for Dan #2: Thinking about living roofs

07-31-2009 11:09 PM by Dan Lyke | 2 comments »

I’m still looking for reasonable numbers on roof loads for a living roof. I’ve run across people claiming as little as 7 lbs per square foot per inch of soil, and living roofs in as little as 4” of soil, and numbers as high as 140PSF. The online calculators and charts for joist calculations (I’m treating this like a floor because a living roof wants to be a fairly flat roof) I’m finding go to a max of 100PSF live load and 20PSF dead load. I’m finding ca...

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Basement Renovation #1: How the project came to be

02-09-2009 11:26 PM by zeddicus | 6 comments »

When we moved into our house we put hardwood throughout the upstairs and carpeted two large playrooms downstairs. This was great for a while, but one year after we moved into our house our region had a storm that dumped 13” of rain in 24 hours. The main playroom was soaked through. We decided to get rid of the carpet and tile instead as well as install new drains around the house. The drains were just completed and the tile has been down for a while, but since the room was empty i...

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My House Punchlist #1: The Beginning

01-06-2009 05:57 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

I suppose that having lived here for almost 10 years now it isn’t really the Beginning. However. This is a new year and I finally have a New year with a workshop at the house with all of my woodworking tools at hand. The past few years they’ve been in a storage unit downtown (relative term for Lakeport NY). The house is a ‘starter’ home, in a relatively rural area of NY near Syracuse. We’re in an area which used to be ‘camps’ but now is primarily ...

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