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Front Porch Job

01-13-2016 03:13 AM by dustynewt | 10 comments »

I posted this blog on LumberJocks about seven months ago. I had to edit it to restore photos (I have changed my photo host) so while I was at it, I thought I would post it here for my first HomeReburbers blog. The first major problem (project) started when I walked out the front door of my house one day and my foot went right through the slate porch. It shocked me more than anything because I thought the slate was bedded with a solid concrete pad. We have lived here for 25 years. I have al...

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That old house #11: Yes, this IS the final installment

01-11-2013 05:57 AM by BillyJ | 29 comments »

Now for the details of the remodeling. Original budget: $14k. Final budget: to be determined (right now we are double the original amount). True, I am finished with the kitchen, and I believe she does not have any further plans for the kitchen, but the “house” now became the former kitchen. I think she has enough for me to do for the rest of my life. EVERYTHING was upgraded during this remodel. From the 1/2 dozen different door knobs I bought, to hinges, slides, lights, etc....

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HR - Gateways #22: Tiles

12-12-2012 09:51 AM by MsDebbieP | 0 comments »

This is a GATEWAY to everything posted at HomeRefurbers.com tagged as “Tiles” Projects Blogs Forums Feel free to add any info (technical or practical) here as well.   Click here for the MASTER HR GATEWAYS LIST  

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Schluter System Clinic

11-01-2012 01:09 AM by BillyJ | 25 comments »

Last week I spent two days at a Schluter clinic. Talk about being schooled! I’ve worked with Ditra before, and knew the benefits of tiling with the product, but had little knowledge of Kerdi. Wow, talk about learning a thing or two. To begin with, Schluter did a bang-up job in providing all of the information I could ever ask for. I walked away with a 3-ring binder full of information, an ANSI Tile Council of North America code book, and a couple of Schluter installation CDs. On the te...

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Am I Really going to do that to my fireplace!? #1: Some Materials gathered and I'm dying to start!

08-11-2012 03:58 AM by MarkTheFiddler | 54 comments »

Once again, I have totally lost my mind. Demo is not done. I haven’t built a scaffold. I don’t have the fireplace stone veener. I haven’t bought my wood floor for the living room. The hallway is not complete. There are a bazillion reasons why I shouldn’t start and yet….. I’ve got to take a few breaths and delay for a while while I think about execution and the layout of what I’m thinking. The more days I can do that, the better off I will be. If I ...

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Simple Hall Way redo. #3: The big slowdown on day 3.

07-11-2012 03:50 AM by MarkTheFiddler | 9 comments »

I was busy all day but don’t feel like I have much to show for it. I painted the closet. Those suckers are little rooms. It took the better part of 3 hours. I touched up some of the trim work, used the shop light to find flaws in all my paint job. Touched those up as well. I under cut all the door frames, scraped the last bit of junk off the floors and marked my lines. I rigged up a couple of saw horses in the garage. I put a sturdy deck screw into the closet door then clamped a ...

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House Renovation #1: A Family and Friend Renovation

02-22-2011 02:05 AM by chief101 | 3 comments »

My first adventure in refurbishing was in 1974. I added a 17×27 addition to my ranch style home in Northfield Village, Ohio. I built it myself with the help of friends and a few issues of Time Do It Yourself magazines. These were very popular at the time and extremely helpful. The addition had a cathedral ceiling, main room 17×19, exposed beam, an 8×13 laundry room, in ceiling stereo speakers, and recessed lighting. One wall 17ft was an all split brick fireplace. Mason Bill Swa...

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Bread Oven

09-01-2010 04:16 PM by chief101 | 3 comments »

Some asked to see pictures of the oven fired up here they are. The first loaf of bread being made. I also did a standing prime rib. Along with the rib baked potatoes and corn on the cob at the same time. What a different taste and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy

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Laundry room #1: Gut, clean and start repairs

05-30-2010 04:42 AM by Woodcanuck | 0 comments »

Where to start? I’ve got a before picture hiding somewhere on my camera, I’ll probably post it as a project or throw it in as another post in the series. Our laundry/furnace room is in the basement, roughly 12’x12’. The furnace takes up a little under one quarter of the space, no changes planned here. The rest needed work….a LOT of work! Maybe I’ll start with the history. We had some drainage issues right behind the laundry room, creating a cycle ...

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Kitchen remodel #9: Finally some progress!

10-13-2009 01:43 AM by 3fingerpat | 5 comments »

Well, it has been almost a year since my last post on this project; never thought this was going to take as long as it has, but….a lot has happened in one year. Let me skip all the events and just say I am slowly back to working on this remodel. I am still recovering from shoulder surgery and am not able to work on this as much as I would like, in fact, I just recently got to the point where I could raise my arm enought to hold\work a trowel. So I started by continuing on with the ...

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