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A Shop for Dan #10: Starting to move in!

01-16-2012 08:53 PM by Dan Lyke | 4 comments »

Back on January 2nd, Jake came over to help me run wallboard screws. Then he got bored with wallboard screws and ran a few lag screws. Then he got bored with that and played with other stuff, but I think he had fun and I made some progress: Then I dug the electrical trench and ran #4 wire from the house panel,encased in schedule 80 PVC conduit, to the shop panel. It was atremendously cool feeling to flick the switch and see the shop comealive. > Then my Dad came to visit, and w...

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A Shop for Dan #9: I have the power!

01-11-2012 03:51 AM by Dan Lyke | 1 comment »

Just gotta post this! My shop, with the lights on powered by the breakers through the panels: And the trench which contains the conduit and #4 wire that feeds it: Electrical and drywall inspections, and the installation of the heat pump, tomorrow.

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A Shop for Dan #8: Feels like the home stretch!

12-30-2011 06:09 AM by Dan Lyke | 3 comments »

It’s been 28 days since I last updated here. It feels like the home stretch, but I know it’s not yet. However, I did get enough materials out of the driveway today that we should be able to park there tomorrow! Since the last update, we have: Put the firebreak sheetrock on the outside of the sheathing, and wrapped the building. Got most of the siding on. Hung the preliminary door. Had the rough electrical inspected. Got help from some houseguests, that included get...

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A Shop for Dan #7: And the walls, go tumblin' up!

12-02-2011 02:22 AM by Dan Lyke | 5 comments »

My Dad came out to visit for two weeks, and we kicked it pretty hard. We assembled the walls, and with some help from my friend Alan got ‘em up. We got the sheathing on, and after a mis-communication with the truss guys got the trusses up, and the roof sheathing on: And then I took a break for Thanksgiving vacation. Got the framing inspection this week, had to double-up with galvanized nails for the sheathing on the sills (because the sills are treated), so that inspection is ...

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A Shop for Dan #6: Foundation Poured!

10-31-2011 07:45 PM by Dan Lyke | 3 comments »

Haven’t posted here for a while, but things are starting to come together. In August, I started digging out the foundation for my shop. Although the dirt underneath the slab that I cut out was actually quite workable, the clay underneath the lawn portion of my potential shop was rock hard, and while jumping on a shovel I managed to slip and topple into a wheelbarrow handle, resulting in a broken rib and an emergency room visit. Word to the wise: Should you find yourself with a bro...

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A Shop for Dan #5: I can dig it!

09-25-2011 11:59 PM by Dan Lyke | 2 comments »

About two months ago, with engineering stats in hand, I decided to jump the permitting process and start digging. That weekend I jumped on a shovel to get it into the hard ground, slipped, toppled over, and drove the handle of a wheelbarrow into my rib, resulting in an emergency room visit. So, it’s been almost two months. In that time I’ve got the rest of the engineering packet together, and this weekend I decided to see if my rib had healed up enough to finish the diggi...

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My House Punchlist #1: The Beginning

01-06-2009 05:57 AM by NedB | 5 comments »

I suppose that having lived here for almost 10 years now it isn’t really the Beginning. However. This is a new year and I finally have a New year with a workshop at the house with all of my woodworking tools at hand. The past few years they’ve been in a storage unit downtown (relative term for Lakeport NY). The house is a ‘starter’ home, in a relatively rural area of NY near Syracuse. We’re in an area which used to be ‘camps’ but now is primarily ...

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Woodshop to house #2: It's coming along

12-16-2008 11:17 PM by Jimthecarver | 5 comments »

Hi All, I am getting very close to being finished.As you can see we have decided to move in early as the snow was coming. I have a drawer to build that goes under the heater area and will hold about three 40 pound bags of wood pellets. The top ended up being 2.5 ” thick and supports the pellet stove fine.The kitchen is looking better after installing the appliances and should look even better after I get the cabinet doors built and installedMore pics to come as I get a chance to do mor...

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Garage Conversion #4: Walling Off

12-09-2008 08:36 PM by Olaf Gradin | 3 comments »

As of Sunday night, the separating wall is nearing completion. Since our little girl was born, I’ve framed the wall (with the exception of a four foot section where the door will go), run my electrical, and insulated most of the new wall. The framing went without headache. I built a simple jig that allowed me to compress-fit a board onto the top sill while I screwed in the studs. Yes, I used screws exclusively for this project per the recommendation of retired, professional framer...

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Building My Workshop #1: Winter 2008

11-09-2008 09:07 PM by dustygirl | 6 comments »

Hello everyone.I have been so busy with my gardens since spring that I didn’t take the time to post here.Now that all the fall stuff is done and I have time on my hands here goes.I moved into this home last Nov. 30.It was the first snow storm of the year which lasted for the whole winter.(lol) So I needed a workshop to spend those cold days doing something.There was just a big empy space in the center of the basement with a rec room on one side.So I started to build a workshop.The firs...

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