Posting Your Own Content (Projects, Blogs, Questions, Etc.)

You are ready to start posting your own stuff. The following will help you decide where and how to put your information.

How do I post something?

See the little "Post new..." drop-down box underneath the main menu bar? Click on the arrow and select which type of posting you want to make (Project, Blog entry, Forum topic). This will take you to the appropriate page and you just fill in the form. Easy as pie.

How do I decide if a post belongs in my blog, in my projects or on a forum?

An excellent question - and one that we are more than happy to answer!

  • Projects – Showcase your completed projects of past and present.
  • Blogs – Journaling your journey, whether that is a project in process, some inspirations, challenges or days of frustrations. Read some of the other blogs to get a feel for the content. Pretty much anything goes.
  • Forums – if you have a specific question (or tip) regarding techniques or tools, this is where you go.

How many projects can I post on HomeRefurbers.com?

Once you become a member of the HomeRefurbers community, you have no limits as to the number of projects you can post. Until you are a member, however, you can't post any! So if you haven't done so already, be sure to join today.

Can I link my related blog entries together?

Your blog will automatically be joined together in chronological order. But look at this - if you have a number of blog entries related to the same topic you can create a Blog Series. How, you ask? Why, it's simple:

  1. Click on the "Post new..." drop-down box, located under themain menu bar
  2. Select "Blog entry"
  3. In the "Series" drop-down box select "Start new series"
  4. In the pop-up window, type the name of the series (ex. Table Progress) and click "OK"
  5. Give this entry/chapter its own title (ex. The Legs). There is no need to add a number to each entry/chapter because it will be added automatically! (ex. The second chapter of a blog series might look like this: Table Progress #2: The Plan. In this example, the #2 is added to your Series title and to the entry/chapter automatically)
  6. Enter the text in the content window (don't forget to fancy it up and even embed pictures and videos. See Writing Guides for more information)
  7. Add a "tag" or two to help people find it later
  8. Click on "Post this entry" and you are off and running.

When you are ready to add a follow-up to the blog, simply select the same series and start a new entry. (Some blog series have taken on a "life of their own" and can be read as a mini book!

I see that people are posting their own videos. How do I do that?

Here is a quick and easy tutorial created by The Wood Whisperer. Just follow the steps shown in his video. Note: according to Marc, the formats are constantly changing so the tutorial may not be exact but you should be able to follow it. If not, ask for some help in the Forums and you will get lots of support to get your video posted.

What are Tags and how should I use them?

Tags are keywords or descriptive labels you assign to projects, blog entries and forum discussions that you post, adding contextual value to them. This increases the ability to search for your project and similar projects, which might have such labels in common.

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