Staying in the Loop

With well over 1000 members (and growing) it is easy ... really easy... to get behind and to miss some of the amazing projects and discussions.

How do I make sure I don't miss anything?

There are a variety of ways to stay on top of things and/or to catch up:

Use the Home Page

On the home page you will find the most recent projects, blog entries, videos, and forum discussions. Simply click on an image/text and you will be taken directly to the corresponding page.

The Home Page also has a link to current Challenges or other events.


Just under the series of toolbars at the top of the page are the scrolling announcements. There are usually 3-5 different announcements, each with its own link to the corresponding information. Just click on the topic to find out more information.

The Pulse

The Pulse is a favorite way to stay up to date on things. Click on the "PULSE" button at the top of the page and you will see a list of postings. Perhaps the listing is several pages long - oh no - what to do, what to do? Well, you can personalize your Pulse View to meet your needs.

  • Select what you want to view in the "All except members" drop-down menu. (this can be changed at any time, so play with it until you get it to work best for you)
  • Select whose entries you want to see (anyone's, your buddies, your own)
  • Select the time frame (active) you want to check
  • Check "only new" to see only the entries that are new to you or that have new comments posted since you last visited the page - or leave it blank to see everything. Isn't it cool? Tracking of your readership is done automatically for you when you are a HomeRefurber. It's like having your own personal secretary assistant.
  • Click on "Favorites" (for, yes you guessed it, favorite items) or again leave it blank.

You will now have a customized view of recent LJ entries, which will be updated every time you click on an entry or change your view options. You can also hit "refresh" to check for even more recent entries. It just never ends! Pretty exciting.

Oh - and a mini view of the Pulse is located at the bottom of every page so you can keep on PULSING after you post comments or finish reading the amazing information that you find. SO easy!


Ah yes, the fun of clicking on the Shuffle button - again, and again, and again! The Shuffle button is located in the top toolbar.

A quick click and you will be presented with random projects, blog entries, and forum discussions! It's a great way to find posts from the past that you have never seen as well as remind of the great things you've seen already but still enjoy.

Your Activity

To check on discussions about projects, blogs (etc) that you have already commented on, go to your "Profile" and on the right-hand-side you will see a list of your recent activity.


As you get to know the HomeRefurbers and their work you may find that you are particularly interested in the postings and creations of specific HomeRefurbers. To avoid missing any of their work you can identify them as a "Buddy" and you will receive an email whenever they post a project, blog entry or start a forum discussion.

To make a new "Buddy" go to their profile page and click on "Make your Buddy".

Note: you may want to make Martin your buddy to make sure you don't miss any of the special events and updates at HomeRefurbers.com

Email Notifications

Besides notifications of postings by "Buddies" (see above) you can also receive a variety of other emails. My goodness, the options are so many that it is best if you just go to see the list for yourself! Click on your personal account and select "email notifications" link, located under the title "Your Account Details".

RSS Feeds

You can also use our RSS Feeds to keep up to date - check out the following page for more information.

DISCLAIMER: All views and comments posted by members are not necessarily those of HomeRefurbers.com or of those working on the site.

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