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Part 1: Kitchen Remodel

08-09-2008 07:27 AM by 3fingerpat | 3 comments »

What started out as just replacing a worn out old fence has now turned into remodeling our kitchen. During the residing of the outside wall of the kitchen, we knocked off a couple of tiles from the kitchen counter and back splash. And since I had replaced both kitchen windows and trim during the outside wall residing, we decided to just keep going and remodel the whole kitchen. So we had granite counters installed to replace 4” ceramic tiles and a new stainless steel sink installed t...

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Part 2: Getting the little things done

08-11-2008 03:00 AM by 3fingerpat | 3 comments »

Just a quick update on the kitchen work this weekend. We had to take back one box of broken floor tiles and ended up picking up two more extra boxes just in case in preparation for the floor tiling next month. I also reworked the doorway btwn the living room and kitchen; I had to rip open one side when we got our new refrigerator since the opening wasn’t wide enough, even after removing the refer doors. The original opening was only 29” wide; I hope to get it to 31.5” wid...

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Part 3: One step forward, two steps back

08-22-2008 07:12 PM by 3fingerpat | 4 comments »

Okay, so I went to Sears to purchase their wet saw tile cutter, none in stock, it had to be ordered. Several days later we got the automated voicemail that the saw was ready for pick up. I got the saw home and opened it to find that one side of the metal table top was bent so badly that the hinge wouldn’t work. My wife takes it back the next day and they exchange it for a new one. When I opened the replacement, it also had a bent table top but on the other side now. Back to Sears w...

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Part 4: More preps out of the way

08-24-2008 04:59 AM by 3fingerpat | 1 comment »

I finished removing the remaining baseboard and door moulding today, which revealed more loose plaster. Gotta love that lath and plaster! I will probably replace, I mean rebuild the in the wall shelving to better fit with the new trim moulding once the walls have been repaired.Also got notice today that the wet tile saw will be here Wednesday, so I will be able to continue on with that later this week.Wall behind the stove:Doorway from Kitchen to Laundry Room:Kitchen Wall:Kitchen Wall with ...

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Part 5: Have saw, will tile

09-02-2008 03:03 AM by 3fingerpat | 4 comments »

Received the new wet tile saw from Amazon, several days sooner than expected. The new saw works great and is extremely easy to setup and use, just like it was advertised. I continued installing the small tiles above the back splash as far as I could go. The remaining portion of the wall is not plumb and needs to be refloated. I met with the contractor this morning and she won’t be back until around Nov to do the walls and ceiling. Kinda long from now but she is a dear friend who ha...

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Part 6: New Kitchen Floor Installed

09-15-2008 12:26 AM by 3fingerpat | 9 comments »

The contractor removed the old floor tiles and installed the new floor tiles while I was out of town on a business trip. It was nice not having to deal with the noise and the disruption but I had a lot of work to do to get the room ready by removing all the stuff from the kitchen, not a lot of fun.The new floor turned out fine but the grout color does not match what we selected, bummer!The grout is gray but we wanted a light tan color, the installed grout doesn’t match the color palate...

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Part 7: Backsplash and a little more...

10-04-2008 10:46 PM by 3fingerpat | 7 comments »

Well, it has been a while and slowly but surely I have gotten a few more things accomplished. I was able to install, grout and seal the tile backsplash above the counters. I had to stop just past the sink because the wall is not plumb, (gotta love these old houses) so the contractor will be fixing that in Nov for us and then I will be able to finish that portion of the remodel. I have primed the wood trim; which will fit in the space btwn the backsplash tiles the wall and bottom of the...

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Part 8: Sad news and no real progress lately

11-19-2008 05:18 AM by 3fingerpat | 10 comments »

Okay, it has been a while since the last update so let me get everyone up to date. My contractor’s father passed away unexpectedly. This was a great loss for all of us as we knew him well, he was a grand old English Gentlemen. The service was a beautiful celebration of his life which helped to medigate our sadness at his passing. So needless to say our friends loss is obviously more important then anything in my kitchen, we can wait as long as needed before she can come back to work...

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Part 9: Finally some progress!

10-13-2009 01:43 AM by 3fingerpat | 5 comments »

Well, it has been almost a year since my last post on this project; never thought this was going to take as long as it has, but….a lot has happened in one year. Let me skip all the events and just say I am slowly back to working on this remodel. I am still recovering from shoulder surgery and am not able to work on this as much as I would like, in fact, I just recently got to the point where I could raise my arm enought to hold\work a trowel. So I started by continuing on with the ...

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Part 10: Doorway Wood Trim additions

10-22-2009 04:22 AM by 3fingerpat | 1 comment »

I worked on making new door trim moulding, well the bullnose trim anyways. The trim is just painted 1×4 MDF trim from the BORG. The bullnose trim is 1x pine that I planed down to 3/8” and then routed a bullnose profile. It is not much for detail but it matches the existing trim that was already in the house, so I thought it should stay as it was: After finish nailing the trim, I set the nails and then used wood putty to fill all nail heads and joint seams to try to give t...

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Part 11: Wood Trim Primer

10-27-2009 07:06 AM by 3fingerpat | 8 comments »

Here are a couple of pics of the baseboards installed, nail holes and edges puttied, sanded and primered: I also mudded\floated out the remaining sections of the wall where the top coat of plaster had been removed. Just trying to level it all out before I primer the walls and ceiling this weekend. Then I hope to get the walls and ceiling retexturized. Happy Halloween!

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