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Part 1: Jan 29th '09

01-31-2009 05:03 PM by Big Al | 12 comments »

It was snowing today. the picture doesn’t do its justice. The grey skies really complimented the white snow. :P Before lunch I finished taping te inside frames of the windows for a perfect air seal, making sure it wont disturb the drywall. After lunch I had to cover the window openings with 6mil poly since the windows wont arrive til the new millenium ;). this will stop some wind for the next work days. I was keeping up preatty good against the 3-4 people doing the second floor ...

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Part 2: Feb 6th 2009

02-07-2009 05:39 AM by Big Al | 9 comments »

Took a while to post because i had to drive back to my parents. so… today we had grey skies again in the morning and it cleared up a little in the afternoon. The house still looks the same from the back. We were mostly working on the inside. We PIC’ed the ceiling of the second floor and covered the last window and door. after the pic we(me and a helper, or i was the helper) strapped it with 1×3’s 16’‘O.C. this is part of the group at noon. wha...

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Part 3: Feb 13th '09

02-14-2009 08:32 PM by Big Al | 8 comments »

This week was actualy sunny. the snow had melted the day before, and preatty much all froze into ice(i fell twice during the day). fells a little warmer now in the hosue becose it is almost completly closed in. now the goal today was to keep on working on the ceiling. and start on the walls. Arriving at the job site, showing the grip guard on the roof, getting ready for the steel roofing. having passed the broom, cleaning the area off to start laying out the walls on the floor. And...

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Part 4: feb 20th '09 - made the front page

02-21-2009 09:21 PM by Big Al | 5 comments »

Friday my roommate showed me the paper and there it was, a picture of our teacher was in front of the house we’re building. That is the only size of picture i have right now, I’ll try get bigger ones of the first page later. enjoy :)

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Part 5: Feb 27th '09

02-28-2009 06:18 PM by Big Al | 6 comments »

ok well the snow is preatty much gone. now we have rain and floods. in the afternoon we had a flash freeze, all the shallow standing water froze. the roads were like skating rinks on the drive home that evening. This is it in the morning, not much changed on the outside except some windows later in the day. Here is the flood i was talking about. We are in a flood plane, so it will most likely get worst. The rain…. we had almost all day i think. I walked in and noticed t...

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Part 6: March 6th '09

03-10-2009 12:13 AM by Big Al | 2 comments »

sorry for taking a long time, we had internet problems at my parents hosue so i had to wait for when i came back home to write this entry. So this friday was nice and warm, I started wearing only short sleeves again. I spent all day working on a couple small walls, extending the floor for the clost (shortening the stair opening). The others got the steel roofing started, should be finished or almost by today, ill let you know friday. The sheathing is up on the proch and carport What ...

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Part 7: MArch 13th '09

03-19-2009 01:21 AM by Big Al | 1 comment »

Sorry it took me soo long to post(bought a new truck and had to go through the whole registration… then had to get my new licence testing etc.. etc… sold my car…), for those following my build. I am still workign on interior walls. It is going slow and i realized for the past 3-4 weeks ive been owrking on interior walls. I just want to note that we get only 7h worktime per week. and if we get different lunch times then the teachers (always happens) we cant use power t...

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Part 8: March 20th 2009

03-30-2009 04:27 PM by Big Al | 2 comments »

This week They had me working on installing a subfloor for the gable dormer. Turns out the plans have changed again. We are making i storage space therefore needs a floor, and some problem solving for how the floor ties in with the walls and stuff, and the sunfloor adhesive fumes sortof got to us. close to the end we started to tell odd jokes and laughed at anything. Towards the afternoon a couple friends came to help and everythign went by really quick. I also helped with the steel roof...

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Part 9: April 14th

04-23-2009 12:00 AM by Big Al | 1 comment »

4” XPS is in. and the roughins for electrical and stuff also. some of the sidding is also being installed. 4”XPS and rebar for the slab Electrical roughins the back of the house the front of the house, the rest of hte hosue is getting horixontal sidding, not verticle Al

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Part 10: Last week of work on the house

04-24-2009 12:34 AM by Big Al | 3 comments »

It’s now Thursday, pretty much the last day of work on the house. Friday will be a lunch with the owners and we will say our goodbyes until grad later this summer. So this week we are mostly drywalling, exterior window detail, and the green roof is now a roof-top deck with planters… here are the pictures: here’s the deck: during lunch This is our last full work day for this house… I will visit once it is later on the build. I know a few people that a...

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Part 11: update from this summer

05-28-2009 11:27 AM by Big Al | 6 comments »

I visited the house to see what progress they’ve done on the house. they got the oors in, and the slab is supposedly finished. drywall is supposed to be done and the sidding is getting there. apparantly they dont expect to finish til september. But, who knows… enjoy!Al

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