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Replaced my daughter’s bay window last week. Lets start this off correctly – I have a tremendous respect for trim carpenters. The folks that do this everyday – and do it correctly – is a true art form.

Second – I apologize for not having more pictures, I will add more when I get them.

The project – replace a 1952 bay window with a double hung lite on each side. The screens were long gone, the paint (all lead based) was seriously thick and you could not tell what was really there. If I had known what these windows were made of, I would have cleaned them up instead of replacing them – the windows were made to order, with varnished mahogany storm windows and probably screens.

That being said, once the storm window frame split (a good 1/8” of paint), the whole thing had to go.

This is not the beginning, so let’s back up a bit. I asked my son in law to measure the inside of window frame, told him what I wanted and he read me the numbers. After adding 1 1/2” for the frame, I called in to the local L** and ordered the windows. They told me when they would come in and I based my trip to my daughter’s house on that. The windows were to be a complete replacement not the “replacement windows”. I also figured that these windows would be a bit smaller than the current window and for me, that is good. It is easier to fill a gap than the shave out a header.

The window that I ordered was a dual double hung window with all the trim to be installed as a single window. This is a heavier solution but when you add the window sill (something that is already there and required), everything is good. Basically, you install one window. After checking with the store several days before the trip, they told me that everything was still on schedule.

This is when things go crazy – two days before I am to leave, I get this call from the store – the windows will be about a week late. We go around and around and finally come to an agreement – they have 3 in-stock wood windows that will fill the same opening – more or less. The main difference will be a 5”+ cap piece between the windows and these are individual windows versus one unit so lining up the windows for the sill is more difficult.
The other window that I ordered, they will install.

Well, I get to my daughter’s house on the morning of the install with a number of 2×4s, and remove everything that I can and break the paint in the corners so that when the windows actually get there, I can move fast. At around 1:30, the windows finally get there. Time to see what I really have – I completely remove the old window. I ended up wrapping the inside of the rough with a 2×4 and happy I brought shims. The space between the widows ended up being a touch under the 5” mark – which worked well.

I figured that I was going to have issues with the rough opening so I took my planer to my daughter’s house and that was a really good thing. As it turned out, I needed the planer for the capping piece. Finding 3/8” x 5” stock is not an easy thing to do. I found that they had some nice poplar that was straight and clear at 3/4 and planing it down to work with the other molding took a while. The goal is to paint all of the molding bright white, so poplar is a good choice – nice tight grain.

The outside, I used 5/4 to fill the void around the windows and still had to use 3/4 quarter round for the stone.

Before putting in the sill and interior moldings, the command decision was made that the receptacle and wiring had to be updated with new wiring and needed insulation (house doesn’t have any). So, off we go on another tangent. The wiring was at the beginning of the leg, had no ground, and powered half the house. I wanted to run a whole new circuit and replace the box with a new one. To keep this in code, you cannot splice wires in the wall – even though I have seen this, and I wanted to separate the two circuits. The original wire went to the basement under the middle of the window, if I took the old wire to the basement earlier, it would leave room to install a box in the basement and make the connections there, taking the living room receptacle out of the mix. I already had a new receptacle and circuit in the living room but my daughter wants to put a room air conditioner there so I decided to make it dedicated and put in a quad receptacle.

I took me 3 days to finish the windows, wall, and electrical – less paint, that will be my daughter’s thing to do.

One of the funniest moments was when I had to rabbet a piece of the outside 5/4” to deal with the difference between my 2×4 and the original rough opening. I got my old Stanley 78 rabbeting plane out of my tool bag and my wife declared that this was going to take forever – she was helping me, holding the wood. Less than fifteen minutes later, the piece was installed and fitting perfectly. She then told me she understood why I wanted these old tools. To hear this from your better half is so much better than music.

Hope you enjoy.

Had other projects in this trip that included a new circuit to the bedroom (for an a/c unit) and a new circuit to the bathroom to power the existing light, a new bathroom fan, shower light and receptacle on a breaker GFI. She said it was the fist time her hair dryer has worked at full speed.

-- Love woodworking and fixing most anything

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posted 08-25-2014 06:33 PM

Looks like you also have your Daddy Do List when you visit your Daughter. I have one as well but it so far has not been quite this involved. Looks like a job well done though.

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posted 04-06-2017 03:01 AM

This is some solid work you did here man. You’re quite the masonry contractor there. I bet your daughter loves it!

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posted 07-02-2017 11:22 PM

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posted 01-18-2020 06:50 AM

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