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DISCLAIMER: The content on HomeRefurbers.com includes information and activities where the potential of serious injury or death exists. HomeRefurbers.com does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site. Please always use the proper safety equipment and safety precautions before attempting any woodworking procedure.

The following is a list of basic rules about what is and is not allowed while posting on our site. These rules are in addition to what is listed in our Terms Of Service. Please read through all of these sections before using our site and contact us if you have questions.

1. You may only use one account on this forum. No exceptions. If you have issues with your account or need help changing your username, password, email, etc. you can contact us.

2. Users shall treat each other with respect at all times on HomeRefurbers.com. Ideas and opinions may be challenged, but name calling, personal attacks, or other inappropriate behavior will not be allowed and may cause your account to be banned. Harassment will not be tolerated in this community. This includes private messages, Facebook and/or social media and user emails.

  • Users shall not question or debate an administrator decision publicly on the message board. In the event of a disagreement or questioning of an administrator’s decision or action users should contact the administrator via PM or our contact us. Blocking the site admin (Cricket) will result in your member account being closed.
  • Users shall not question or debate another member’s qualifications publicly on the message board. Instead, any questionable posts should be flagged.

3. Discriminatory remarks of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes degrading and/or offensive remarks about an individual or a group of individuals based on their race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, age, nationality, religious affiliation, or indeed any other basis.

4. Do not disclose private information about members without their consent (e.g. names, contact details, pictures, details about personal life, etc. – this includes private messages, Facebook, email and social media in part.)

5. Do not post messages on behalf of banned members. They are banned for a reason. Doing so will result in a ban for the poster who is conveying the message, and an increase in the ban length for the poster who is sending the message.

6. Member signatures shall be appropriate, both in content and in size. No excessively obscene or rude language/content is allowed, nor may you use it to harm, harass or insult fellow members or to spread messages which are generally forbidden. If necessary, we reserve the right to delete or edit members’ signatures at any time.

7. Advertising your company or website is not allowed on this site. If you want to share your company or site information and URL, please use your profile and signature. If you want to advertise on HomeRefurbers.com please use our contact us form for additional information.

8. No adult rated material, links to adult rated material, or any form of nudity may be posted on this site. In addition to nudity, all forms of sexual content (images, jokes, etc…) are prohibited from being posted on the site. This includes images of scantily clad men or women. Please help us keep this site family friendly.

9. Profanity shall be kept to a minimum; abuse of this rule will result in a warning up to and including a permanent ban.

10. You may only post material and content that you own. Posting copyrighted material, trademarks, and other violations of the DMCA is prohibited.

Any violation of these rules will result in a warning up to and including a permanent ban. Please help us keep this site user-friendly and flag any instances of rule violations.

These rules may be altered at any time without notice so please check this page often. Thanks.

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